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Magazines at MSA XII (University of Victoria, 11-14 November 2010)

The panels, seminars, and roundtables below have at least one paper that addresses periodicals.  Members of the panels, seminars, and roundtables are welcome to give a brief description of their papers in the comments section.  If a panel was left out or wrongly included, please let us know in the comments. Each listing is preceded by its number in the MSA XII Preliminary Program.

Thursday, 11 November
3-5 pm

1. Seminar: Modernist Digital Networks: An Infrastructure for Digitizing Modernist Print Culture

Leader:  Clifford Wulfman (Princeton University)

Participants:  John Matthew Huculak (Dalhousie University) Sean Latham (University of Tulsa) Verna Kale (Pennsylvania State University) Dean Irvine (Dalhousie University) Catherine Gunther Kodat (Hamilton College) Helen Southworth (University of Oregon Honors College) Elyse Graham (Yale University) Michael Rozendal (University of San Francisco) Jessica Lucero (University of Nevada Las Vegas) Robet Scholes (Brown University) Samuel Alexander (Yale University) Pamela Caughie (Loyola University Chicago) Karin Westman (Kansas State University) Jeffrey Drouin (CUNY) David Earle (University of West Florida)

7. Seminar: Marginal Modernisms: Texts and Paratexts

Leaders: Michael Thurston (Smith College) Emily Wojcik (University of Connecticut)

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