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This is the second of what we hope will be many, many more columns.  MagMods Discoveries is dedicated to finding and publicizing relevant periodical-related digital resources already available to the public.  Every year, more and more modern magazines are appearing online, so it becomes hard to keep track of what is out there.  We will be posting discoveries as we find them, but we also would like to know about yours as well.  Please add them in the comments or send us an email using the contact form.

Djuna Barnes Illustration

Love it or hate it or probably both, Google Books has made some amazing material widely accessible for the first time.  The trouble is knowing that it’s there and then using Google Books’ pretty terrible search engine to find something.  I chanced into this find–Volume 2 of the odd but really interesting little magazine Bruno’s Weekly.

Bruno’s Weekly is one of several little magazines created by Guido Bruno in Greenwich Village in the Teens.  Bruno was born in Bohemia in 1884 and moved to the U.S. in 1906.  After starting a few magazines in Chicago, Bruno moved to Greenwich Village in 1913. He rented an apartment above an ice cream shop and turned it into a gallery and gathering place for bohemians. It came to be known as Bruno’s Garrett.  Using a hand-press, Bruno produced a series of periodicals, including  Greenwich Village, Bruno’s Weekly, Bruno’s Bohemia, and Bruno’s Chap Books.  Among the writers he published were Alfred Kreymborg, Marianne Moore, H.D., and Ford Madox Hueffer.


One response to “MagMods Discoveries!

  1. Mr.Murphy,
    You’re right about love or hate Google. I consider them the devil and a digital vampire; but when I find little blurbs like your’s about my grandfather I dig it. My father became the ward of Guido Bruno after his mother, who was Guido’s assistant & whatever, died. He later adopted my father. Growing up I knew little of Guido but we had lots of his magazines and collected first editions around the house. Where they have gone, who know’s? My father, a scoundrel, as I understand Guido was, probably sold them. Recently I’ve taken to researching him to pass a sense of history and place on to my young daughters of which Google is a tremendous free resource. As to your note of being born in Bohemia, I can add something I was told by my mother. Guido’s real name was Kirt Von Kisch. He came to the US to escape military service. Being the second son and not in line to inherit the family wealth, he was expected to go into the army. To fully escape his past, and at the time, anti-German sentiment, he changed his name to Guido Bruno because he loved the Italian people. Sounds plausible, but there is a lot of mystery surrounding his past. What I have discovered is that he was a fixture in village and was well known in his day there. Later he moved to Philadelphia and lived a pretty substantial life collecting and selling rare books.

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