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MagMods Discoveries is dedicated to finding and publicizing relevant periodical-related digital resources already available to the public.  Every year, more and more modern magazines are appearing online, so it becomes hard to keep track of what is out there.  We will be posting discoveries as we find them, but we also would like to know about yours as well.  Please add them in the comments or send us an email using the contact form. This post comes to us from Dr. Alan Munton of the University of Exeter.

Wyndham Lewis in The Listener

I thought you might be interested in having a link to a website on art and modernism that is now just over a year old. It is an edition of the art criticism that Wyndham Lewis wrote for the BBC’s weekly journal The Listener between 1946 and 1951. This was the period between his return from Canada and the United States, in 1945, and the loss of his sight in 1951, an event which prevented him seeing paintings — or indeed himself working as a painter.Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957) was, of course, the pre-eminent modernist artist in Britain from about 1910 down to his last work in the late 1940s. His late criticism for The Listener distills decades of work as a practitioner and a writer on art. Lewis is best known as the organizer of the Vorticist movement (ca. 1913-1915), but the recent comprehensive exhibition in Madrid (February-May 2010) showed that he was a significant artist throughout his career.

This website reprints 40,000 words of criticism, and illustrates it with more than 200 images. There are essays by the main researcher, Jan Cox, and an introduction by myself (Alan Munton). The site is hosted at the University of Exeter, UK, and at the Universidad de La Rioja, in Spain, where the designer and webmaster is Almudena Fernández.


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