Blogroll Addition: Mimeo Mimeo

Mimeo Mimeo is both a blog and a magazine, so it’s a natural for reades of Magazine Modernisms.  Like several of our recent posts, it covers post-1945 print culture, an area ripe for good, serious research.  Below is the site‘s own description of its mission.

Mimeo Mimeo is a forum for critical and cultural perspectives on artists’ books, typography and the mimeograph revolution. This periodical features essays, interviews, artifacts, and reflections on the graphic, material and textual conditions of contemporary poetry and language arts.

Taking our cue from Steve Clay and Rodney Phillips’ ground-breaking sourcebook, A Secret Location on the Lower East Side, we see the mimeograph as one among many print technologies (letterpress, offset, silk-screen, photocopies, computers, etc.) that enabled poets, artists and editors to become independent publishers. As editors, we have no allegiance to any particular medium or media (tho Mimeo Mimeo is only available in print at this time). We understand the mimeo revolution as an attitude – a material and immaterial perspective on the politics of print.

One response to “Blogroll Addition: Mimeo Mimeo

  1. A great blog and mag for sure.

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