Conrad in Periodicals

The latest issue of Conradiana is dedicated to Conrad’s appearances in magazines, both little and mass-market. Table of Contents after the jump.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Part I
pp. 109-113
“He’s lost more money on Joseph Conrad than any editor alive!”: Conrad and McClure’s Magazine
pp. 114-131
“The times indeed are changed”: Conrad, “Typhoon,” and Pall Mall Magazine
pp. 132-152
Conrad and the Harmsworth Empire: The Daily Mail, London Magazine, Times, Evening News, and Hutchinson’s Magazine
pp. 153-177
Pathos and Fun: Conrad and Harper’s Magazine
pp. 178-200
Introduction: Part II
pp. 217-220
The Right Accent: Conrad and the English Review
pp. 221-243
“Not so much art as a financial operation”: Conrad and Metropolitan Magazine
pp. 244-265
The Publication of Victory in Munsey’s Magazine and the London Star
pp. 266-287

Conrad’s Critique of the Serial Romance: Chance and The Rover

pp. 288-309

2 responses to “Conrad in Periodicals

  1. James,
    While I’m thinking of it, why not go ahead and add Stephen Donovan’s ConradFirst archive to the “Blogroll” list?

  2. Good idea! I love that site.

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