German Expressionist Magazines

In conjunction with its exhibition “German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse” the MoMA has digitized and uploaded numerous periodicals featured in the exhibition. Because this was a movement enabled by and disseminated through print, it is clarifying to see the individual images that comprise these magazines.



One response to “German Expressionist Magazines

  1. Michael Rozendal

    The show was absolutely marvelous–a must see for those meandering through New York. The dynamic play between print, visual, economics, and history over the course of several decades was particularly telling. I was struck by the moment in the 20s when artists prints became a popular “investment” to hedge against hyper-inflation–it’s difficult to imagine contemporary gold-hoarders diversifying into avant-garde work. Also, the post-war reactionary uses of Expressionist styles was all the more jarring after having seen the covers of Der Sturm and Die Aktion in earlier rooms.

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