Egoist and New Freewoman free for all

The Modernist Journals Project has done modernist studies a great service (again!) by putting up the complete run of The Freewoman, The New Freewoman, and The Egoist.  There’s few sources that give as fine a view on the multi-branched development of Anglo-American modernism in the teens.

2 responses to “Egoist and New Freewoman free for all

  1. Matthew Jennett

    Any chance The Transatlantic Review will be digitized?

  2. I strongly doubt it’s going to happen too soon. The Modernist Journals Project set 1922 as a cut-off date for digitizing magazines, in part because that’s a big year for modernism, but in larger part because that’s the year before copyright restrictions kick in. Since transatlantic review (I assume you mean the original Ford journal, not the one started in the 50s) started in 1924, that puts it behind the copyright wall. Which stinks. There’s a Kraus reprint, but nothing in Hathi Trust’s Digital Library, which is another fantastic source for mag mods–a post on this will appear soon.

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