Secession Magazine (1922-24) now available!

Over at Jacket2, they’ve recently published online reissues and downloadable pdfs of Secession magazine (1922-24).  Here’s a part of the  Jacket2 introduction:

Secession, founded in 1922 by Gorham B. Munson, sought to give corner to the “youngest generation” of interwar modernists. Printed at various junctures in Vienna, Berlin, New York, Florence, and Reutte (Tyrol), Secession nevertheless became an important platform distributing literary Dadaism to New York. Accompanied by editors Kenneth Burke, John Brooks Wheelwright, and Matthew Josephson (often operating under the nom de plume Will Bray), Secession moved in upredictable directions over the eight installments of its premeditated two-year run.

If you’re not already interested, look at this partial list of people published in Secession:

Tristan Tzara, Louis Aragon, Hans Arp, Kenneth Burke, Matthew Josephson, Gorham B. Munson, John Brooks Wheelwright, Malcolm Cowley, Waldo Frank, Slater Brown, Robert Coates, E. E. Cummings, Marianne Moore, Wallace Stevens, Hart Crane, and William Carlos Williams.


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