Latest Issue of American Periodicals on MUSE

Latest issue is available.  Table of contents after the jump.

Table of Contents

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“Americans as They Really Are”: The Colored American and the Illustratation of Natational Identity
pp. 97-119
The Missing Signifier: Re-presenting Radio Broadcasting in New Yorker Cartoons, 1925-45
pp. 164-179

From the Periodical Archives

Book Reviews

The Business of Letters: Authorial Economies in Antebellum America (review)
pp. 189-191
The Woman’s Page: Journalism and Rhetoric in Early Canada (review)
pp. 191-193
Editing Modernity: Women and Little-Magazine Cultures in Canada, 1916-1956 (review)
pp. 193-195
The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines, Volume 1: Britain and Ireland, 1880-1955 (review)
pp. 195-197

p. 198

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