CFP: MSA 2012: Lost Modernist Magazines

CFP: The Spectacle of the Archive: Uncovering “Lost” Modernist Magazines; MSA 14, Las Vegas

“Periodical culture has changed the way scholars view literary magazines from the modernist period. Various books on these “little” magazines, such as Suzanne Churchill’sThe Little Magazine Others and the Renovation of Modern American Poetry and Harold J. Salemson’s Tambour: Volumes 1-8 Facsimile Edition have reminded us of the critical importance of understudied journals. Recent studies have also examined overlooked sections within “canonical” little magazines, such as letters to the editor, advertisements, book reviews in magazines like The Dial. This roundtable seeks to bring together scholars who are working on either understudied literary magazines from the modernist period or an understudied section within a “canonical” magazine. What makes these magazines or the sections within them so exciting? Do these magazines encourage us to view modernism in a new light? 200-300 word abstracts as well as a 1-page CV should be sent by 30 March 2012.”

Belinda Wheeler, PhD
Assistant Professor of English
Department of Humanities
Paine College

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