Princeton Launches New Magazine Archive

Cliff Wulfman, Coordinator of Library Digital Initiatives at Princeton University, announced today that The Blue Mountain Project has received an NEH grant to create digital editions of avant-garde European and American arts journals. It’s early days yet, but the BMP already has digitized two magazines, Pan and Ver Sacrum.  Details after the jump.The announcement reads, “Princeton University Library has also been awarded a two-year grant from the NEH to inaugurate the Blue Mountain Project, a project to create digital editions of avant-garde arts journals produced in Europe and North America between 1848 and 1923.  Blue Mountain draws on the depth of Princeton’s collections and the expertise of its staff to bring curators, librarians, scholars, and digital humanities researchers together in order to create a freely available, trusted digital repository of important, rare, and fragile texts that both chronicle and embody the emergence of cultural modernity in the West. In its mission statement, the Blue Mountain Project outlines its scope and goals:

·       Blue Mountain will concentrate on, but not be limited to, the scarce and ephemeral texts of the period between 1848 and 1923: journals, magazines, manifestos, and other publications which, taken together, underlay the emergence of modernity in Europe and the Americas.

·       Blue Mountain will focus on no single nation, but will strive to encompass publications in all languages. By creating machine-readable transcriptions of these texts, we will expose them to increasingly sophisticated machine-assisted translation tools that open them to students and scholars from many countries and disciplines.

·       Blue Mountain believes society benefits from open engagement with its past and is therefore committed to making cultural-heritage materials freely available to all.

·       Because the publication history of many of these texts is obscure, and because the location, condition, and completeness of remaining holdings are imperfectly known, Blue Mountain will support, foster, and promulgate bibliographic histories and make them available in discursive and encoded forms.

·       Blue Mountain will be an active participant in the evolving relationship among scholarship, curation, and technology. In adhering to standards and best practices of scholars, librarians, and information scientists, Blue Mountain will maintain a cyberinfrastructure that ensures long-term preservation and access independent of content-delivery software and supports data exchange among projects and disciplines.”


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