Announcement: An Index to The Nation and Athenaeum (1921-31)

The following announcement was recently made by Stuart Clarke on the Woolf Listserv:


I have indexed the N&A and this is now available publicly (in the same place as my “Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury” database).  It is more or less finished, except that there is a little tinkering still to be done.

If you have not already downloaded the Cardbox server (for Windows) for my “Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury” database (now contains almost 30,000 records), you need to go to here:

(I have never used a Mac, but you might get somewhere by starting here:

Once you have the Cardbox server installed, double-click on the icon on your desktop, then click on File: Open. Then click on the Server tag. In the large white box on the left, there should show: Click on that and several databases should appear in the larger white box on the right, including ‘Virginia Woolf & Bloomsbury’ and ‘Index to the “Nation & Athenaeum”’. Highlight the one you want and then click on Open. (The databases can only be accessed when you are online.)

The first issue of the N&A was 19 Feb 1921 and the last was 21 Feb 1931.  It was called “The Nation and the Athenæum” until the issue of 3 Jul 1929 when it became “The Nation and Athenæum”.  Each volume consists of 26 weekly issues and runs either Apr-Sep or Oct-Mar.  The first vol. (28) continues the numbering of the “Nation” and consists of issues 21-26.  The last vol. (48) consists of 21 issues (1-21).  Vol. 31 (Apr-Sep 1922) consists of 27 weekly issues.  Vol. 39 (Apr-2 Oct 1926) consists of 26 weekly issues, even though no issue was published for 7 May, owing to the General Strike.  In addition, a separate Travel Number for Summer 1925 was published in May 1925.  These total 523 issues, and each upper first page is illustrated in the Database, together with the “Questionnaire on Religious Belief”, which was laid into the issue of 21 Aug 1926, and the first page (221) of the Literary Supplement of the issue of 9 Nov 1929, which advertises the Hogarth Press.

There are almost 18,000 entries, covering a similar number of pages, including supplements.  Articles and their authors are indexed together with page numbers and issue numbers and dates.  Attempts have been made to identify the full(er) names of authors with only initials and pseudonyms.  Not indexed are most advertisements and company reports; however, all Hogarth Press advertisements are indexed.  Where the “marked files” (see below) are available, it has been possible to include more information, such as the authors of paragraphs under the headings of “Events of the Week”, “From Alpha to Omega”, “Books in Brief”, “Plays and Pictures” and “A Literary Pocket-Book”.
Attempts have been made to identify where articles were reprinted in other newspapers and magazines and in books, but these are not comprehensive.
Where the plays of Shakespeare are mentioned, his name has been added if it does not appear elsewhere on the record.
The order of the database runs from the first issue of the N&A on 19 Feb 1921, Vol. 28, No. 21 (indexed in the PP “field” as 2821) to the last on 21 Feb 1931, Vol. 48, No. 21 (indexed 4821), followed by the separate Travel Number for Summer 1925 (indexed: Travel).  Within each issue, the entries are in no particular order.

“Marked files” are sets of printed issues held by the publishers themselves and annotated by them to record the authors of unsigned contributions and sometimes the amount paid for them.  Unfortunately, only six volumes of the N&A are known to be in existence, and these are held by City University, London.  They are:

35:                   5 Apr-27 Sep 1924
37:                   4 Apr-26 Sep 1925
38:                   3 Oct 1925-27 Mar 1926
43:                   7 Apr-29 Sep 1928
45:                   6 Apr-28 Sep 1929
47:                   5 Apr-27 Sep 1930

These vols have been consulted and the findings incorporated in the database, usually indicated by {wavy brackets}.



6 responses to “Announcement: An Index to The Nation and Athenaeum (1921-31)

  1. I’ve tried to use the Index to ‘the Nation and the Athenaeum’ and can’t get it to work. I’ve downloaded cardbox, followed the instructions, but can’t get any databases to appear when I see ‘’ in the white box. Please help.

  2. Stuart N. Clarke

    When you see ‘’, try clicking on “View”, and I think the DBs should appear in the right-hand white panel.

  3. I wonder if you can tell me whether W[illiam] Arnold-Forster wrote all or part (and if so, which part) of the “From Alpha to Omega” column published in The Nation and The Athenaeum on 12th April 1924? I’m afraid I am not in a position to download your database just now. Your help would be much appreciated. Thankyou. Jane Winter

  4. Would you (Stuart Clarke) be able to tell me if any writing by my grandfather Eric Sutton appears in the Index? I know some of his translations will be listed in it I am looking for journalism by him. I am still completing my PhD on him. I never did manage to look at the Index. Emma Tristram

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