Magazines at MSA 14: 18-21 October 2012, Las Vegas

This year’s MSA is a little lighter on magazine-centric panels than previous years were, but there are a lot of great looking papers.

15. Undistracted Vision: Modern Architecture’s Little Magazines, 1930s – 1950s Red Rock IV Organizer: Sarah M. Dreller (Goucher College and University of Illinois at Chicago) Chair: Roger Rothman (Bucknell University)

Sarah M. Dreller (Goucher College and University of Illinois at Chicago) “Adding plus: An Episode from Time Inc.’s Little Modern Architecture ‘Crusade,’ December 1938-April 1939”

Daniel López-Pérez (University of San Diego and Princeton University) “DISCURSIVE MOODS, Following the Footnotes [and Transformation] of AD and AR from CIAM to TEAM 10 (1953-1962)”

Maria Gonzalez Pendas (Columbia University) “Constructions of Realism in Serra d’Or: An Architectural Critique of Silence in Franquista Spain”

46. Provoking Readers from the Margin of Modern Magazines Carson City I Organizer: Carey Snyder (Ohio University) Chair: Gayle Rogers (University of Pittsburgh)

Lori Cole (New York University) “‘What is the Avant-Garde?‘ Defining Spain Through the Questionnaire”

Eurie Dahn (The College of Saint Rose) “Letters to the Editor: Faulkner’s Magazine Publics”

Carey Snyder (Ohio University) “‘The Lost Art of Invective’: The Cultural Work of Satire in The New Age

92. Spectacular Pulp Lake Mead I Organizer: Leif Sorensen (Colorado State University) Chair: Marc Manganaro (Loyola University-New Orleans)

Patrick Scott Belk (University of Tulsa) “Pulp 1922: The Spectacular Rise of a Forgotten Medium”

Eric Aronoff (Michigan State University) “Martian Modernism: Ray Bradbury’s ‘And the Moon Still Be as Bright,’ Modernist Anthropology and the Idea of Culture”

Leif Sorensen (Colorado State University) “Making Worlds out of Pulp”

Paul Grimstad (Yale University) “Pulp and ‘Pure’ Cinema: The Aesthetics of Procedure in Asphalt Jungle and Rififi

101. The Spectacle of the Archive: Uncovering “Lost” Modernist Little Magazines Virginia City I Organizer: Belinda Wheeler (Paine College)Chair: Belinda Wheeler (Paine College)

Helen Southworth (University of Oregon) “Uncovering Ray: Art Miscellany and the Politics of Other ‘Lost’ Little Magazines”

Rosavita Rauch (University of Warwick) “Mapping a Little and Lesser-Known Magazine: Hound and Horn (1927-1934)”

Sarah Fedirka (The University of Findlay) “Orienting Colonial Modernism: Uncovering a ‘Lost’ Little Magazine”

114. Burlesque Modernisms Red Rock IV Organizer: David M. Earle (University of West Florida) Chair: Mae G. Henderson (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Leonard Diepeveen (Dalhousie University) “How Burlesque was Modernism?”

Adam McKible (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) “Negro Dancers and High Priced Bagnios”

David M. Earle (University of West Florida) “Snappy Showgirls, Saucy Models, and Smart Magazines: the Periodicals of Burlesque Modernism”

131. Moving Modernisms and Little Magazines 39Red Rock VI Organizer: Wendy Knepper (Brunel University) and Allan Pero (The University of Western Ontario) Chair: Wendy Knepper (Brunel University) and Allan Pero (The University of Western Ontario)

Suzanne Black (State University of New York, College at Oneonta) “Chevies, Sensations, and the Virtual Spectacle: Motion and Emotion in the Poetry of Álvaro de Campos and Portugal Futurista”

Louise Kane (De Montfort University) “The Tramp (1910-11): Moving between Modernisms”

Celena Kusch (University of South Carolina Upstate) “Up in the Air: Late Modernist Travel Writing and the Movies”

135. Unsettling Perspectives: Definitions, Territories and the Periodical Text in Transnational Modernism Virginia City III Organizer: Faith Binckes (Worcester College, University of Oxford) Chair: David Earle (University of West Florida)

Faith Binckes (Worcester College, University of Oxford) “Curious modernism: eclecticism, definition, and the place of periodicals”

Andrew Thacker (De Montfort University) “‘No single nation ever owned Modernism’: Internationalism, Transnationalism, and Magazines”

Rebecca Beasley (The Queens College, University of Oxford) “Aspects of the Novel: a counter-history”

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