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I’ve posted a new blog on Speed, Writing, and Popular Magazines over on the Pulp Magazines Project blog, and thought that it would be of enough interest to MagMod subscribers to repost here. Enjoy. Fast Modernism: Popular Magazines and the … Continue reading

Discoveries in Magazine Archives (e. e. cummings edition)

It’s not just Katherine Mansfield stories that are being found in magazine archives; in 2010, James Dempsey found a poem by e. e. cummings among the papers of The Dial.   Dempsey is working on a biography of Scofield Thayer, publisher and editor of The Dial; read about the discovery here.

Katherine Mansfield Story Discovered in a Magazine Archive

This is sort of old news, but still worth circulating:  a grad student  at King’s College London, who is working on the periodical ADAM International Review,   found some great Mansfield material in the monthly’s archive.  Read the story and see 2 pictures of Mansfield here.