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New UbuWeb Dada Titles Added to Magazines Online

Here’s a list of titles from UbuWeb that I’ve added links to.

Dada, Surrealism, & De Stijl Magazines

291 (Edited by Alfred Stieglitz. New York, 1915-1916. 12 Numbers.)
391 (Edited by Francis Picabia. Barcelona, New York, Zurich, Paris, 1917-1924. 19 Numbers.)
Blindman (Ed. Henri-Pierre Roche, Beatrice Wood, and Marcel Duchamp. New York, 1917. 2 numbers)
Cabaret Voltaire (Edited by Hugo Ball. Zurich, 1916. 1 Number.)
Cannibale (Edited by Francis Picabia. Paris, 1920. 2 numbers.)
Le Coeur à barbe (Edited by Tristan Tzara. Paris, 1922. 1 Number.)
Dada Magazine (Edited by Tristan Tzara. Zurich, Paris, 1917-1921. 7 numbers.)
De Stijl Magazine (Edited by Theo van Doesburg. 1917-1931, 36 issues)
Der Dada (Edited by Raoul Hausmann, John Heartfield, and George Grosz. 1919-1920. 3 Numbers.)
Littérature (Edited by Louis Aragon, Andre Breton, and Philippe Soupault. Paris, 1919-1924. 20 numbers; new series, 13 numbers.)

Subcompact Publishing and The Magazine

The “Magazine” in this post’s title refers not to the medium, but to The Magazine, which is a publication for “people who love technology,” according to its website.  It’s published for smart phones and tablets and cannot be read online, and it appears every 2 weeks with four long-ish articles.  It has nothing to do with modernism, but it’s an interesting exploration of the new publication possibilities afforded but little exploited by digital media.  It’s particularly interesting that its title invokes an old media format–the magazine–at the same time that its publisher, Marco Arment (creator of Instapaper), argues that print and digital magazines are carrying unnecessary baggage, like ads and design flourishes.  There’s a nice discussion of The Magazine and other forms of subcompact publishing here.

Conference Program for “The Art Press in the Twentieth Century”

The program for The Art Press in the Twentieth Century:  History, Criticism and the Art Market in Magazines and Journals, a one-day conference organised by Sotheby’s Institute of Art and The Burlington Magazine, has been released. Continue reading