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MLA Roundtable on Theorizing Periodical Studies

I’m thrilled to be chairing a roundtable discussion at MLA this year.  Organized by Matthew Phillpotts, the panel takes on the problem of theory and periodical studies.  It gathers together some of the top figures in periodical studies and is a must for anyone with an interest in periodicals, Victorian and modern print culture, or digital humanities.  Magazine Modernisms is also providing access to each of the position papers on this site in five posts following this one. Continue reading

MLA Roundtable Paper 1: Towards a Theory of Periodical Studies

Ann Ardis’s paper.

Towards a Theory of Periodical Studies

MLA Roundtable Paper 2: Defining the Thick Journal: Periodical Codes and Common Habitus

Matthew Phillpotts’s paper.

Philpotts MLA 2013

MLA Roundtable Paper 3: The Matter with Media

James Mussell’s paper.

Mussell MLA 2013

MLA Roundtable Paper 4: Method in Periodicals Studies: Follow the Genre

Dallas Liddle’s Paper.

Liddle MLA 2013

MLA Roundtable Paper 5: Affordance and Emergence: Magazine as New Media

Sean Latham’s contribution

Latham MLA 2013

Some New Books about Modern Periodicals and an issue of Mod/mod

It’s looking like a nice couple of months for books on modernism and magazines.  Here are some titles that came out this past year or are forthcoming. Continue reading

Modernist Magazines in the Americas Conference (UK)

Just a reminder that the Modernist Magazines in the Americas conference is coming up on Wednesday 12 December 2012, 9:00 am at the Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford. The conference celebrates a major event in periodical studies, the publication of the Oxford Critical & Cultural History of Modernist Magazines: North America 1894-1960. Included among the leading magazine scholars at the conference is  MagMods contributor Michael Rozendal.  The conference poster appears below.

conference program