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Database of Modernist Periodicals: Announcement and Question

I’m pleased to announce that I have begun planning a comprehensive database of Modernist Magazines to be called, “The Database of Modernist Periodicals.” This database was inspired by Scholes and Wulfman’s important contribution to periodical studies, Modernism in the Magazines.

I will make a more detailed announcement this spring, but in the meantime, the database will be designed to be a community undertaking. Much like Turbotax, the database will lead contributors through a series of questions in order to produce a bibliographical correct entry on any modernist magazine. As the database grows, we hope to implement network analysis tools to make it a robust teaching and research environment.

Later this spring, I will ask all of you to look over the draft document and make your own suggestions as to what YOU would like to see in the database.

Finally, I’m looking for a logo for this database. To start this project in a collaborative manner, I would like to ask you all to send me suggestions for “iconic” images of the modernist period published in magazines before 1923 (links to these images would be greatly appreciated).

I look forward to sharing more with all of you, and I wish you all the very best for this coming year.

Syllabus Draft for France and Modernist Magazines: International Publishing Networks and the Avant-Garde

I’ve finally got a draft of my syllabus on France and Modernist Magazines. I thought the community would be interested to see it, and would appreciate any feedback or criticism.




British Vogue in America?

I’m trying to track down a library or book dealer that has holdings of British Vogue in 1925 and 1926.  Richard Aldington wrote a couple of columns in the magazine about modern poetry.  F. S. Flint and T. S. Eliot are mentioned by name, and (fingers crossed) there might be photos of them in the issues.  I like the idea of Flint and Eliot in Vogue.

–James Murphy